Upgrade of GPU for x51 r3


Sep 9, 2015
Hello everyone, I am a newbie in desktop computer. And I just got an Alienware x51 r3. I found gtx 960 a little underpowered. Is it possible to upgrade it to gtx 970? Psu 330w. Please advice. Thanks a lot in advance
Hey Martin...I have an R2 with a 330 watt power supply. I upgraded my GPU to a GTX 970 reference card and have had zero issues. I did have to remove the front fan...I believe it is a good thing to do anyway because the fan would disrupt the air flow at the intake of the Video Card. Here is my post with a detailed explanation of my upgrades: http://www.alienowners.com/posts/33411/


Oct 7, 2015
I have had great results with my EVGA GTX970 SC Refrence (04G-P4-1972-KR) and did not have to remove the front fan. It runs at 80C consistently. I would recommend installing Precision X16 if you get an EVGA card. You can do custom fan setups and monitor everything that you need to. Running Fallout 4 on 2560X1440 with GSYNC at 65 to 80 FPS and CSGO maxed out around 130 FPS