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Nov 19, 2021
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Hello. New here by recommendation in an Alienware group on Facebook. I have a few questions.

I have an Area 51 alx that is ten to twelve years old. Best guess. I will attach a pic or two for reference. I have used this PC for years. I would like to salvage a few more years out of it until I am happy with the next model. I am not partial to what Alienware has put right now. My main purpose is to use it as a starter computer for my 8 year old step son. So on to my questions.

First I will list the specs and details I know.
Water cooled with the active venting.
64 bit architecture
Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit
Upgraded to an I7 975 extreme
Upgraded to 12 gigs of ram
Upgraded to 750 ti gpu
1000 watt psu
6 hard drives of various sizes. Never set up raid
Blu-ray burner
Other odds and ends

I want to upgrade the video card. Was looking at the ASUS ROG 1070 TI. My question is will the cpu handle it?
I was told in said group that a Xeon cpu will swap. Not certain which version is possible. I have read that it will out perform the I7. So obviously my interest is peaked.
So to get to the point, I would like advice as to which processor I can use and what is the most I can do with the gpu.

Any advice from more knowledgeable people would be appreciated. As I said, I want to do the most I can with what I have for my step son until I buy or build.



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Mar 19, 2012
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Hello, the i7-975 was a beast CPU in its day but yeah it is really starting to date now. I think you'd still get pretty decent performance with a 1070ti but you may struggle to get the full benefit from the GPU. I'm not sure what Xeon CPU is compatible but the socket for the 975 is FCLGA1366 so you'd just have to see what the list of compatible CPU's are for this socket. @Cass-Olé will be able to guide you to more answers.