upgrade time?


Mar 25, 2012
Quick question, I see most people here keep getting the new system like alienware 14, I have the M14X specs below. So is it time to throw it or can I run stuff coming out like BF4??? I feel like AW owner are rich lol and especially shopping around I terribly regret my choice since I see MSI had twice the power for 400$ less ...... I really wanted the alien face for ages but I feel like they don't deliver and yeah they really reached deep in my wallet. just curious since many people here own like 3 freaking expensive machine....do you own a car and house lol??
I can assure you that Alienware owners aren't necessarily rich! I'm certainly not :( Owning one of these machines is like owning a prestige car instead of a run of the mill one. You get what you pay for but I agree that they are expensive against say, the same spec msi machine. Your M14 is virtually the same spec to my previous laptop (it had a 540m instead of your 555m GPU) which struggled with Crisis 3 quite badly. I had to dial the settings right down and it still played at less than 20 fps in places! If you want to play next year's games in their best light then an upgrade may be your best option, but you have to find your own means to justify it really.


May 4, 2012
6 Alienwares here, and a house, and 6 cars, and a motorhome....
Not rich, just deep in dept :)

But, really, once you get up to the 17 inch and up, the power of the computer is unmatched. The smaller ones (m11x, m14x) you dont have gpu choices, so you can get more powerfull for cheaper, but not nearly as good warranties as the alien has.