Upgrading a R2


Mar 16, 2015
So I've had my x51 R2 for about 10 months and I'm thinking its time to start upgrading it. But I don't know where to start. I was thinking about getting an gtx 970, Ill need to get a new power source right? How about switching cases with a normal PSU?
If you have the 330W power adapter you are good on a GTX 970 upgrade. I know what your wattage is, look at the adapter and it should say 19V 5A (for example) multiply them together, so a adapter that says 19V 5A would be a 95W adapter. The recommended GTX 970 is one with a reference design like the PNY (blower out the back not out the side). After I installed my GTX 970 I also installed a SSD in the HD place to keep the heat down since the card intake was right next to the HD. If you don't have a 330W adapter I think you can just get one from Ebay.