Upgrading Auroa R1 CPU


New Member
Nov 13, 2018
Hello Everyone,

I recently purchased an I7 975x from ebay. This was to be a replacement for the stock 920 CPU in my 2010 Aurora ALX.
Initially the cpu worked,it posted and was working for 15 minutes before it crashed. I restarted my machine and went into the settings to ensure everything was working right. The CPU was properly recognized as a 975x, 3.33 and was being overclocked to 4.0. I understand that my ALX does that automatically. The 920 chip was always showing 3.02 in the settings. After the next crash, I put my 920 chip back in to make sure the machine was still working properly, and it is. I am typing on it now.
My question: is there any setting or driver that I could be missing that is needed for the "X" series CPUs? I did update the bios a while ago.
Or is this some bad luck in purchasing used parts?

Anyway, I have been a long time Alienware fan. Back in 2005, my combat camera unit in the Air Force bought 100 laptops for us to use. Back packs and everything. A little heavy but they got the job done. I purchased my ALX from a friend that did not know what he had in 2011. For what I use it for, it is not obsolete, just in need of some updates.