Upgrading GPU to GTX 750ti and other questions


New Member
Jul 14, 2015
I have an X51 from 2012 (so assuming it is an R1) that is currently equipped with an i3-2120 @ 3.30 GHz and a GT 640. I've noticed that this configuration is beginning to have trouble supporting the games I play, so I'm looking to upgrade my machine. What I'd like to do is swap the 640 with a GTX 750ti and swap the i3 with a quad core i5.

My questions are the following:

1. Will the computer be ok operating with these parts with only the 240w power supply? (I intend to eventually purchase the 330w unit but the budget is a little tight at the moment.)

2. Any advice on which i5 to purchase? I'd like it to be a quad core model and if possible retain the 3.30 GHz of the i3 I currently have.

Thank you for any advice, I am relatively new to doing this kind of work on my PC, but I feel that it is about time I learn my way around it.