Upgrading motherboard, liquid cooler, and maybe PSU need HELP!


New Member
Dec 19, 2013
Alright guys so I've already have the parts and I'm waiting for my liquid cooler to come in, I'm not sure how active this forum is but maybe you guys can help me because I have a few question. here are the components I got
Motherboard: p9x79 WS
CPU intel i7 4930k
Liquid cooler: Corsair H80i
New PSU: Corsair 1200ax or 1200i
Now here are the questions I have, Will the psu fit the case? will it fit the handle of the standard dell PSU? I also heard that If I replace the dell psu I wont be able to use the ACC (alienware command center) because it has a special 10 pin connector that apparently only dell psu has.. can anyone confirm this? Also will the new liquid cooler be able to fit? I'm replacing my psu because I need 1200watts apparently for the components I have since ill be using two GTX 780ti's. Has anybody replaced any of these parts? anyone give me advice? thank you