Upgrading my alienware from 2012


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Jul 19, 2015
Hi everyone

My gtx 555 or 545 doesn't work anymore so I wanted to upgrade my system I checked my specs:
Intel core I5 2320 cpu @ 3 GHZ
8 gb ram
power supply DA330PM111
I wanted to get a good GFX card but wich card should i get? Can it run with my current CPU and power supply ?

Thx in advance


May 9, 2015
you have the 330w psu then thats a good start , you can slap in a GTX 960 with your R1 power board or spend more $$ and upgrade to R2 PB and you can easily go for GTX 970 or even GTX 980.
but with your current CPU I think the GTX 960 is your best match unless you plan to get i7 2600/2700 in the future then go for higher GPUs and upgrade your PB to the R2 one.