Upgrading ram and hd to SSD questions

Hello All,

I've seen this question around and just wanted to double check with the gurus out here. I want to upgrade my primary hdd to a SSD and want to know, does size matter on the solid-state? Does the 17 read any size or do you need to stay under a certain maximum?

Also, I'm upgrading ram as well and wanted to know if there's any particular one that gives better results than the others for our machines? Brand, timings, etc. According to this, we can have up to 32gb ram so was stoked about that, but I'm a noob at picking out laptop hardware. Any thoughts, advice would be welcome on this.

Thanks in advance


Nov 24, 2014
it will recognize any size ssd. and as far as ram u want to stay with 1600mhz probably two sticks of 16gb ddr3 or ddr3l if your system supports it if your shooting for that 32 mark. personally I ordered mine with 16gb witch I thing is plenty for me the option to go higher is nice though


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Dec 2, 2014
Hi man. I've just upgraded my Aw17 with a Samsung SSD 840, it works well. I mantain the same dimension (500Gb), but i think it works also if you switch from 500 to 250 Gb. I've used the Samsung Data Migration software, but i've lost my AlienRespawn partition. So my suggestion is to read something over Google. Lot of people said it's better to put the new SSD into 2° slot bay, then cloned, then switch boot order.