Upgrading the Alienware 14


Jul 25, 2013
UK, Leeds
Hi Guys,

First post on the forum in ages despite having my Alienware 14 since release.. Bit lazy i guess!
Anyway... HI!

I was just wondering how easy it is to upgrade the Alienware 14 and whether I should?
This has been my first gaming laptop, usually having desktop builds, but this time I needed mobility for easy transport to the mother-in-laws for family holidays and mates houses for gaming nights... So far the 14 has been ace, but im unsure what I can and should upgrade? as I don't want to break my machine!

I'm not a competitive FPS gamer, I just appreciate single play games in decent quality graphics... I was recently playing DragonAge Inquisition and felt that my laptop wasn't coping too well with the graphics.. So i'm curious what other people have found when playing DAI and if anyone would recommend me upgrading my laptop?

I'm at work at the moment so don't have the spec of my machine, but will load it up to you guys when I get home.. But I went for the i7, 16gb ram version from memory..

thanks :)


Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
hello. The only things you'll really be able to upgrade on the 14 is the RAM and the HDD/SSD. The CPU and GPU are attached to the motherboard. 16gb RAM is already plenty enough and an SSD will help increase boot time and a few other things but will not really help gameplay much. You've already got an i7 so it's really just the GPU which will hold you back. If you haven't already, you can try updating your NVidia drivers. That's about all you can do.