Upgrading to SSD and Windows 8 Pro


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Apr 21, 2013
I just got a new replacement Alienware Aurora R4 Desktop which comes with a 3TB HD and Windows 7 Ultimate; and looking to both upgrade the HD to an SSD and to Windows 8 Pro (both of which I have bought already seperately).
The Alienware did not come with a Windows 7 install disc and I have a copy of Windows 8 Pro Upgrade version. Its a little confusing, so some advice would be great.
I believe I would need to install windows 7 onto the new SSD before upgrading (also want a fresh install) to windows 8?

Firstly, after replacing to SSD, I am looking for a fresh install of Windows 7 to ensure no problem on the new SSD. As Dell did not give me a windows 7 install disc; I probably would need to use AlienRespawn to install Windows 7. Does using AlienRespawn give you a fresh install? Or is it different and inferior to using a proper Windows 7 disc to install?
I would definitely prefer to install windows through a disc and then later install all the required Alienware drivers/application; but can I do this by downloading a windows 7 iso online and burning it on disc/pendrive instead?

And then after all that, I would upgrade to Windows 8 Pro. Is this the right way?
Basically, the final result I am looking for is a total fresh Windows 8 Pro on my SSD to ensure theres no bugs or redundant files on it and it is at the most optimum state. I don't have any existing files/programs currently at all as its brand new.

EDIT: also wondering how much space should a fresh Windows and all the neccessary files (alienware apps) take up? I just checked that it comes with 41gb used up out of the box; thats quite a lot taken up no?
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Use AlienRespawn to create your recovery disc via DVDs or USB, then you can put your SSD in and recover your system using the USB or DVD that you created and you can upgrade to Windows 8 from there. But since you created the recovery disc you have a image backup of your factory out of box install so you can go back if ever necessary.