USB - iProducts issues

Good day,
I have had my wonderful 18 for 2 days and have been drooling whilst playing Battlefield 4. Love it!

Now for the problem. When ever I plug my iPhone or iPad into any of the USB ports it wont install drivers and the charge/connection will continuously cycle off and on. This makes my iPhone buzz every few seconds as it does when it connects.

I'm a bit lost when It comes to drivers and the like. I have fully updated Win7, updated Nvidia and replaced Mcafee with Avast virus protection. Apart from that I have done nothing else to the system.

Any ideas on what's messing up USB connection?

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Hmm okay I just tried an older cable and it worked. Maybe the cables aren't compatible with USB 3.0 Is that possible? My old laptop has USB 2.0 and there was no problem with either cables.