USB troubles...

Hey guys totally new here, So Hey all....

I have been experiencing problems with my USB ports for quite some time now. and i have just been dealing with it.

I bought this Alienware M17XR3 a couple years back. The computer its self still runs almost perfectly today with no problems except this, Which is becoming very annoying.

When i bought the computer it came with an alienware mouse, That mouse lasted for about a year an a half. Solid. no troubles. then one day the power was going on n off .. Slowly and then it picked up.. to the point where i was forced to buy another. Okay. Right. no big deal. So i bought a razor mouse. that mouse last for about 6 months. and that mouse is no longer in use as it totally s**t the bed. n wouldn't work on any other machine. (The alienware mouse still works, just not on my machine :S) So after the Razor Mouse s**t the bed. i used a random Microsoft mouse laying around the house.. That one no longer works after it being plugged into my machine for sometime. I am currently using my mom's mouse and its been about 2 - 3 weeks n this HP mouse ( wireless, other were all wired) is already tripping out and not clicking when i click. which means in about a year ive gone through 4 decent mice.

I love the machine. No complaints what's so ever but i wanna get rid of it or DEAL with this issue. As i can't afford a new machine or buying new mice every month.

Does anyone of any idea as to what is happening?

I have uninstalled the drivers, i have updated the drivers.. ive found original drivers and installed them.. i have no idea why this is happening. Any help would be appreciated as i just screwed/killed my moms mouse too now. so now i have 2 to replace.

Also my 1Tb Hard drive little light does not go on n half when i have it plugged in to the same usb ports.. my mouse/mice do this with all ports but my hard drive or an xbox controller does not do this, everything works fine in all the ports except mice.

Alienware M17xR3
Windows 7
intel core i7-2670QM cpu @ 2.20ghz
16GB of Ram
1Tb hard drive
GTX 560M


Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
Welcome! Sounds like there could almost be too much juice going through the USB for some reason if it's frying your mice. I'm assuming it happens for all of the ports not just the 3.0 ones?? It could be a motherboard issue which wouldn't be good for you. What drivers did you do? Try reinstalling the chipsets if you haven't yet. You could also try updating your BIOS.
Haven't heard of this problem but just try everything you can.
Get hold of a usb voltage/current analyser and see if that offers any ideas. I guess the voltage should be around 1.5 volts? If it's more than that then your mice may be being frazzled! :( In that case it would likely be an issue with the motherboard or power supply regulator.


Dec 26, 2012
Hi Muscat welcome to the forum, I have a M17xr4 and I was having problems with my usb ports every time I plugged my IPhone in to charge I would get an error power surge on usb port hub. I had been charging my phone with no problems at first but what it was or I think it was that I had an Xbox emitter for my Xbox controller and also had other various usb devices plugged in so all my usb ports were in use I found disconnecting all but my IPhone stopped this problem. Even though when you pay Alienware prices you shouldn't have to do this. As if I had phoned Dell/Alienware they would of had me reinstalling the operating system and various drivers even though I had already done this. So I just unplug all my usb devices when charging my iPhone it saves me having to buy a new iPhone cable every week. I don't know if this any help to you I hope it is. So if you do have all your usb ports in use try unplugging all but your mouse it has worked for me
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