Used M17X R4 WIth 780M, KillerNetwork 16GB Ram 1tb Raid 0 Hdd

Anthony Ranger

New Member
Aug 18, 2016

I'm selling my M17x R4 from 2012
It has been upgraded with a 780M ( from a 675M ) about 2 years ago.
Purchased online and updated with custom driver from TechInferno.
I would be happy if i can get 1000USD.

Used M17X R4 and a free Coolermaster U3 Laptop Cooler
Internal speaker 'crack' after 50% volume.
Modded 780M with Techinferno custom modded Driver
Win 10
1TB Raid 0 ( 500gb x 2)
Killer Wireless-N 1103
Slot Loading dual layer Blu Ray Reader
Creative Sound Blaster Recod3Di card
Alienware 240W AC Adapter.

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