[VIDEO] M17xR3 Optical Drive SSD Caddy Mod


Oct 26, 2012
Toronto ON CA
A couple months ago I posted a thread about this mod I was thinking of

Recently I completed the mod successfully and took a bunch of photos with my iPhone 5. Today, I put all the photos together in an editing suite and created a Youtube video. (Note: Im a noob when it comes to video editing. The video is kinda rough and some spots could of used a little more work after viewing it a few times, sorry)
Make sure if you preform this mod, follow the Dell service manual for replacing a M17xR3's Optical Drive and use this video at the same time.
You can find the M17xR3's Service Manual here:

**Note** Any HDD/SSD installed in the Optical Drive SATA connection will have SATA 2 speeds

Overall Im happy with my New Solid State Drive, and I hope this video can help somebody with their install.
My laptop is ninja silent @ bootup :cool:

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