Vintage AW Aurora Case Help


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Apr 19, 2017
I have an Alienware Aurora desktop unit that I purchased in 2008. I have had it in storage since 2011. I opened it up on both sides recently and I do not know how to close the panels properly on the sides. The documentation I found online is useless because it only tells how to remove the side panels, not how to secure them back on again.

I contacted Alienware and they told me they do not have any information or support for pre-Dell Alienware machines.

Any help or instructions on how to properly secure the side panels would be appreciated.


(note: in the image it looks like the right side panel is securely closed. however, it is NOT properly secured in the rear where the lever is to latch it shut. I don't understand how to get it in the groove on the case rail and to make it secure right).

Hi, I own this case, and can help!

If you remove a side, notice that you must pull a lever. When closing, this same lever must securely be pushed down to hold the panel on. Also, if the bottom edge is loose, it is because these metal clips at the bottom must slot into the grooves. When closing my side pannel, I put the front grill part in first, then lift the back lever up, and press the side firmly against the case. When the side is pressed firmly, you may have to push the lever down a bit to close it.

If you need more help, I can post pictures, but I do not really know which part you are getting stuck on. These cases involve many plastic posts, which attach the outside shell to the metal case. Sometimes, you just need to press on some areas, to force the connectors back into their slots.