"Vintage" early 2000s Alienware M5500 Upgrade Help! :)


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Aug 1, 2016
I bought a dirt cheap Alienware M5500 (pre-dell) laptop with an Intel Pentium M 2 GHZ a gig of ram and a nVidia GeForce Go 6600. It was in rough shape when I got it, but I fixed it all up! (new thermal paste, dusting, new OS) Runs very well now.

Now, my plans for this system is to use this as a more "vintage" gaming computer. From late 90s to mid 2000s. It looks great and is a classic design. Please note, I know this is an older computer. I don't want to run the latest games!! I just want to max out this design. No motherboard upgrades.

My question is, what is the max upgrade I can do with this model? I believe that graphics card is MXM standard (see photo) and an old PC Mag review said I could upgrade it to a nVidia GeForce Go 7800GTX (only $20 extra today). Can I upgrade the card any higher? Is the card I have MXM and upgradable? (please see photo)

Another question is, can I upgrade the CPU (pentium M included) any higher? Maybe a first gen dual core?

I know an SSD will help, but IDE SSDs are very expensive and not nearly as efficient.