Want an M11x R4? Cannot buy an AW in Europe? Make your voice heard!

Hi guys,

Me and a few other Europeans are somewhat pissed off that we can't buy an Alienware, because AW doesn't have a website in our country. This includes countries like Portugal, Finland, the Baltic States, and others, which despite being in the European Union and in the Euro zone, cannot buy these excellent machines.

Many users are also baffled by the fact that there will be no M11x R4.

We're trying to change this by posting topics on Dell's IdeaStorm website to get Dell to allow shipping within the EU, and to bring back the M11x.

If you guys could take the time to vote (and perhaps comment) on these threads, it would be greatly appreciated:
European Dell reps
M11x R4

I hope this isn't considered spam, I feel it is highly relevant to this forum's users.