Wanted: Looking for an older Alienware Laptop or Desktop


Aug 10, 2016
Looking for something unique out there. My deal for an original pre dell M15X fell through so here I am. Not sure on pricing yet, depends on item and condition.
Things to consider in terms of condition and functionality:
-Boots to bios
-Has a Skullcap LCD Cover (With the fins/grips(Ripley is the smooth design))
-AC Adapter Included

Laptops im interested in:
Alienware Pre Dell M15x or M17x
Alienware MALX (19inch with special airbrush design)
Some sort of Alienware Sentia
Alienware D9T
Alienware Area 51 m766
Maybe an Aurora 9700 or 9700i depends on color

Desktops: (Must be local or in states around MD ie: PA, NJ, WV, VA, DE / No more than 100 miles out of Baltimore County)
Alienware Predator 2 (In conspiracy blue or cyborg green)
Alienware Predator 2.1 (ALX) In any color
Alienware Dragon

Things to note: Predator 2s will only be considered if Its runs the X58 platform(Core i7 Socket LGA 1336), specified color if its an empty case with AlienFX Components, or has an Nvidia 790i SLI motherboard.
This does not apply to ALX I will happily buy an empty ALX Case as long as it has the correct AlienFX components or is low priced due to the absence, Not going thru the hassle to find an ELC Base again thats worth what I paid for the case or more. (Literally had to search the ENTIRE Continental U.S in order to find one and have it shipped)

Not looking to purchase right away, Maybe in mid January, But if you have something worth interest post it down below and Ill see what I can do.

Thanks, -Andrew
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Aug 10, 2016
Believe I’ve seen that on ebay a day or two ago, or something similar.

Gone now, but looking at vintage laptops I think these guys are getting ambitious by listing them as “Legacy Collectibles” which they are, but I dont think theyre worth $500 maybe 200-300 for a fully working example.

But, Im not gonna buy another Laptop until either I upgrade the Area 51 or I recieve that super secret thingamajig for the M17.