Wanted Photos of Dell Installed SSD in an X51


Has anyone got any photos of a factory installed SSD in their X51? If you have any Dell P/N's for the installation hardware as well, which may be included in your System Build, that would be great.

I bought my X51 back in March of last year, before Dell offered the SSD option. I've since installed one, an Intel 160 GB, but I would like to install it using the same mounting hardware that Dell uses in the X51.

I'm in the process of upgrading my system, which includes upgrading the i7-2600 CPU to an i7-3770, the 8 GB DDR-1333 (2x4GB) memory to 16 GB DDR-1600 (2x8GB), and when the new Nvidia GeForce 760 or 770 comes out, use it to replace my Dell GeForce GTX 555.

The Ivy Bridge Core CPU's are the last that will support the Socket 1155.



May 4, 2012
The ssd mount should be the same one the aurora uses. Alternately you can mount a ssd to the odd with some double sided tape. There is a spare sata port on the motherboard, then just get a power splitter to go inline with the stock power line.