Wanted: Rear CPU/heatsink/AIO bracket From a Aurora R7

I realized and didnt know when I was swapping my AIO with a custom waterloop waterblock, I ran into a small hiccup, that the cpu retention system is also threaded into the bracket that the alienware AIO threads into. I am not sure and I really doubt that other brands do both CPU retention and sink/AIO both together like my Aurora R7 has. Would like to use the thumb screws that EK has provided, I created a hybrid between the AIO from alienware's thumb screw and used the springs from EK, it works but it is tighter than how the AIO feels when tightening up. My temps are so much better under load at 5.0ghz than before on that Single rad/fan AIO alienware ships with. I am looking for the rear bracket for Aurora R7 at this time, I did not see a part number on the bracket when I took mine apart. I tried googling, newegg, amazon and ebay and no luck. If anyone has a bricked mobo from the R7 they are willing to part that bracket out, let me know how much and from what location it is coming from. I would like to buy your R7 bracket and rethread for EK thumbscrews. I just dont want to do it to my only bracket I have, possibly screw up and be SOL. Thanks