!! WARNING !! Do NOT use the TOSLINK adapter provided with S/PDIF port

There is a known issue with using the provided TOSLINK adapter in the S/PDIF jack.
What appears to happen is, the adapter will cause the jack pins to jam, and so the internal speakers will no longer function as the laptop will always think the jack is being used.

A fact that I found out after attempting to plug in optical cables. :mad:

All audio jacks will continue to work. But even after removing all audio devices from the jacks, the internal speakers will not kick in. If you use a regular 3.5mm plug in the jack, it all works as planned. Just don't use the adapter provided by Dell.

The motherboard needs to be replaced. Yay!

Edit: This seems to be an issue with the M17xR3 so far. To be honest I have not read much further than my own model.


Oct 26, 2012
Toronto ON CA
Man that sucks! I have always wondered what the hell that adapter was for.

So it's best to just throw it in the bin?

Was already thinking that :cool:


Thanks for the heads up Yikes81 :cool: