Was in PC world today


Sep 20, 2012
I know I know.....I only went in because according to their online stuff, it said the branch near me had an HP Envy 17....got there.....they didnt, useless c :mad: ts!

Then someone asked if they could "help"....I said what I was looking for, they said nearlly all the stores dont get them, and that you need to buy online...I said if they thought I was gona spend a grand without seeing/trying it their not on!...I aggreed.

I then asked Mr Macbook pro :)rolleyes:) about them compared to the AW M17 and 14 I had.....wrong thing to say!....oh of course their great and wonderfull and asked hom mant times (AW) had broke....I said none!. He then began to explain why the MBP was great, dont get me wrong, it's a nice machine but they only do them in 15"

I'll just stick to trying to get another M17 or Envy 17 I think.....bloody hard though