Feb 26, 2012
i know its been out awhile but. i wanna see what other people thought about it. at first i was a little confused on what was going on. then i started to get the story as i played it. then realized its nothing but grand theft auto for hackers. and boy is it poorly optimized. once i looked past the bugs and made some custome setting s to squeeze 75-80 fps out of it i was ok. all in all great concept but fails on originality. i know its hard to be original these days. but why take someone elses engine and reskin it with dif people and plot. then hype it up to be this big bad game that it wasnt. o yea i hated the fact that the keyboard and mouse suppirt was very sketchy to the point where when i played it i had to use my xbox controller. i have a pc not a darn console. i wanna use the keyboard and mouse when it is needed and controller or wheel only when driving