Watercooling Alienware Aurora R4 ALX (GTX-780 SC & Koolance Exos)


Feb 26, 2012
i owuldnt remove the fins imo its what makes the alx an alx. stupream just sat his beside the case. also the fins not being there might throw some errors on the ccc maybe not letting your pc function. try unplugging them from the mio board while your at your desktop and see what happens. as much as i love my r3 dell made these things a little touchy when it comes to certain stuff the ccc runs. and as far as getting the hydro copper version of the 780 id just get a 780 sc from evga and put your own block on it. but thats me i like modifying stuff myself.
Damn those are pricey.
I would have to agree, let the unit be and set it beside the case or something.
That would be a pretty serious upgrade.
Personally, I would buy the card separate, run it on air and see how it goes, then move into SLi, then watercooling.


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Jun 12, 2013
Los angeles
I found the exos system is a great running external system. Lets you minimize any case modding. I went with quick connects also so you can manage the lines externally without spill issue. These are kinds pricy, I added a adapter also for the tubbing so no cutting the case at all to get the tubbing through.


The system itself doesn't weigh much and also doesn't sit firm on my aurora, tends to tilt to the left or right. Still trying to find a spot to put it or remove some top parts. It might be a little tricky on the ALX case. The system doesn't move at all and is very quiet, I was able to find a good price on a used one on eBay. I don't know if I would pay full price for the system, as you still need to get tubbing, barbs, water blocks etc. here is the system on top. Hope this helps. Still working on getting SLI to work so thats why it's opened up.