WD Black 4TB HDD showing as 1.63 TB


Dec 31, 2015
I recently bought a WD Black 4TB drive as my old 1TB drive died. I installed reinstalled windows 7 onto my new drive along with the original drivers from by resource Alienware Resource CD. (Aurora R3 -2011)

However, now when I look at my computer the local disk C: is only showing 1.63 TB.

When I use intel rapid storage technology it shows my drive as being 3,762 GB (~4TB)

Can anyone help so i can use the full capacity of this drive?


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Apr 11, 2016
Just noticed this:

How can i make the unallocated part of the drive available?

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you have formatted that drive as NTFS. it needs to be re-formatted as GPT. NTFS has a 2tb limitation and newer GPT does not.
of course this means reinstalling your OS again, but at least it will use drive properly.

alternatively, you can just right-click the unallocated space on the drive as shown above and format it to NTFS as well. it will mean seeing 2 separate drive letters in windows, but that is up to you.