We Don't Care About KDR!... Do We???


Feb 4, 2012
There is something I have noticed by watching many COD gaming videos and until two days ago I could not put my finger on just what it was that they all had in common. Whether it is a complaint video or whether it is a proclaimed beasting video there is a constant it would seem.

But before I get into that let me explain a little.

I watch a lot of COD videos mostly from the people on these boards or a few others regardless of the outcome or the score, as long as the video is exciting and interests me I will watch it. I also watch pretty much every video posted on C4B by non regulars to make sure it is not a bunch of still images or spam/trolling. This gives me what I believe is a unique perspective into how and why people watch videos.

I have seen some really great game play videos done by people that are well known (it would seem by their youtube channel) yet those videos have very little views or comments. I did not know why, the game play was exciting, it was fast paced and had lots of action, doubles and triples with good conflict resolution that usually ends with the person getting killed right after. The outcomes to these games is usually someone going 14 and 11 or 32 and 21 or something similar to that or they might have even lost the game but the game was still fun to watch. Is it funny that a game like that where the KDR is not... what's the trendy word.. "Beast?" yet is exciting would get so little views or likes?

Conversely I have also watched game play videos where the person still rushes the map but the game play is a little boring, not really all that exciting and contains a large amount of methodical kills spread out throughout the entire video. No multi-tasking, very little variation and a whole lot of static game play with the inevitable outcome of these games being a high KDR of 30/2, 48/8, 63/6 or something very similar in score.

Even my games which I post and I may be biased but I think they are fun to watch get very little views. Now I understand that I do not showcase or try to push my videos and this is my own fault with so many of them being private and or unlisted and my channel itself being rather dull.

So why would people choose to like, comment and have forum discussions about videos that are rather mediocre yet shy away from having forum discussions about videos that were exciting? Then it hit me the biggest difference in those two categories is the KDR and KS.

So I think I have a hypothesis on why this is. Regardless of what we all say about how KDR means nothing, I really think that in the back of our minds it does. The amount of threads that have been created about people not playing the objective, the amount of rage posts people have made in threads about how irritating it is to be one away from their Reaper and then dying or the amount of game play videos that get posted where the title is some variation of "Beasting on Hardhat", and the game play itself is autopilot inducing... yet gets twelve pages of replies makes me think that although we like to tell everyone and ourselves that KDR means very little I think in fact it means quite a lot.

This does not apply to everyone and I am not calling people liars. I will be honest I would like to get a Reaper, I would like to get a MOAB, I would like to get a KS that is really high and unobtainable to me in normal circumstances just to have the experience. All this of me touting "KDR means nothing" is true and I believe it comes across in my videos, to me it really does mean nothing. I have never (even with a high KDR) touted my KDR and really the only time I even see it is when I look at the main page of my in game profile where it tells you your win/loss record. That being said however there have at times while playing that I have become irritated by a game ending where I went 7 and 23 or even 16 and 19. I think or hope I really am not the only one this happens to

When this idea hit me a couple days ago I thought I could lump everyone into the same category, people get pissed at campers because they ruin KS not because it slows the game down, people get pissed at FMG9 akimbo because it ruins KS not because it is a no skill weapon. Maybe for some this is true but I honestly believe that people are genuinely getting irritated while playing these games and dealing with campers, noskillkimbo and other unsavory game play because it is just that unsavory. Adds time to the game and is cheap like they describe.

So while most of it is not related to KDR and or getting all of ones KS how much of it "to you" honestly, I mean really honestly to us and yourselves is because of KDR and dying before you get a Reaper, Juggernaut or MOAB?

Does the distinction between a video getting lots of discussion and very little discussion or a ton of views and a handful of views really come down to the KDR of the video?

If not...

Then why would a slightly boring game play with a high KDR get more views than a game play video that is exciting yet has a terrible KDR?