Well, heck. I've been here a while. Might as well introduce myself.

I've been lurking here on and off since about September and haven't formally introduced myself yet, or fully fleshed out my profile even (but hey! I have a profile picture now). Forgive me if this is tl;dr, but I'm an English teacher and tend to ramble sometimes--I'll try to make this worth the read. I got myself a pretty good gaming PC in 2009 (a Dell XPS of some kind), and my wife got her accountant's PC from a company she worked for that went out of business. We bought our house in 2011, set up our office, with desks my wife got from the defunct company, but over the last couple of years had very little time to unpack the boxes from the move--garage full of boxes, spare rooms full of boxes, corners of the family room and living room full of boxes.

One of our cats got sick in October-November 2012. Little guy got an infection that started to shut his kidneys down. About $1200 in unplanned-for vet bills later, our cat was healthy but our budget was shot. "I'm sorry, honey, but we just can't afford to get each other Christmas presents this year," my wife tells me. She handles all the finances (nice being married to an accountant, BTW), and I trust her judgment. It's cool; we've got too much crap to unpack yet.

Our guest bedroom is off-limits to our cats, but one of them followed me in when I went in to get something out of there--not sure what I went in there for in the first place. As I'm collecting him from under the bed where he's decided to hide out, I notice on the other side of the bed these two large boxes, wrapped in Christmas wrap. The only thing I thought was "Jeez, more boxes to unpack."

On Christmas morning, as my wife and I are getting everything ready to go to my mom's for the holiday, my wife leads me into the dining room. The two boxes were sitting on the dining room table. "Umm, honey? What's this?" I ask her.

"Your Christmas present."

"But you said--I didn't--I--"

"Don't worry about it. Trust me."

Box one was my X51, box two was the 24" monitor.

Turns out that her old work PC was giving up the ghost. Rather than buy herself a new PC, she got me the Alienware to game on and took my XPS to replace her old PC. We spent the day with the family, so I couldn't set up the X51 on Christmas day. But then, the Christmas miracle happened. Massive snowstorm the morning of the 26th and my work (full-time non-teaching job) closed for inclement weather. Spent the day tearing down her old PC, moving the XPS over to her desk, setting up the X51. Shoveled the driveway after the snow had ended and while re-downloading my Steam library.

Best. Wife. Ever. :D
What!! an English teacher that games? You don't think gaming is chewing gum for the eye balls? Just joking my old teacher use to say if it's not on paper and you don't read it. Well leave it at that. Welcome to the forum and yes you got a keeper for sure they don't get much better than that.