What antivirus software do you use?


Feb 25, 2012
I use Microsoft Security Essentials which, in my personal opinion, is the best because it gives the same coverage of all the other big name securities. It never false reads files I've download as viruses; it updates automatically and stops any viruses you do encounter for you. It's designed by Microsoft to work for Windows computers. It's really simple to install and use, and the best part is It's completely free!


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Mar 19, 2012
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Same as Maelstrom, I mainly use Microsoft security essentials. Most techs I have ever spoken too say that it's the way to go. I also run a Malwarebytes scan occasionally and also Spybot S&D. That actually picked something up that the others missed once.
I am glad you wrote about this topic Maelstrom. This topic is important for your Desktop/Laptops safety.
I have a McAfee 3yr subscription when I first bought the Aurora R1 in 2010, I also have the Spybot S&D it works well.
I'm thinking about using the Microsoft Security Essentials once the Mcafee subscription is out, but I'm not sure.
What you guys suggest I do I'm not an expert when it comes to Virus protection?
Should I keep my McAfee give me pros and cons to the reasons please and the same for Microsoft Security Essentials I need Pros & Cons and what about Norton's virus protection is it the same as McAfees? Let me know that way I can do a little more research of my own and choose. Thank you in advance.
Thank you for the info Maelstrom. I am Reading about the MSE on answers.microsoft.com and it seems like McAfee is more a problem then a help for my virus protection. I believe it is bottle necking some of my programs. I recently did have a problem with McAfee protection. It did cause my internet to go down one day and I had to call up my cable company to find out why my internet wasn't working and they said it was because the McAfee had to be uninstalled first then I had to restart my Cable Modem then reinstall my Mcafee to get the internet to work again. How crazy is that?! So yeah thanks a lot McAfee I will not subscribe to you guys ever! Thank you again Maelstrom for having this topic, because I would have thrown it in the back burner and never thought about the issue I had. Great Job!


Jul 13, 2012
I've used both Norton & Macafee in the past, currently I'm using Kapersky - I prefer it over the other two (hated norton!), but its due for renewal in approx 30 days and with 3 desktops & 2 laptops in the house to cover, the free version of Microsoft Security Essentials is sounding rather appealing! lol! My 14yr old tends to download a lot of mods for games etc, & has had a few nasties sneaking into his system unawares... so I'd need to be sure it offered a high level of protection.
Bit defender and Kapersky are both good paid antivirus softwares to have. If I knew that 2 years ago I would've got one of those two instead of McAfee. Im just waiting for my subscription to end with McAfee then I'll decide if I'll go with a free antivirus or the better paid antivirus software not sure yet.
Avg all the way, with super anti spyware. Have used this combo for a while and never had any problems.

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+1 to AVG usage. Light and easy to use. And very effective.
I recently got an update with McAfee and Windows7, where it would connect to the router, but get no internet connection. An uninstall and a re-install of McAfee fixed that problem.
I also find Norton too heavy.


Oct 5, 2012
I have been researching the free virus protections out there and I haven't heard any users mention anything about avira! since I have brought this up are their any member whom are presently using or have used this protection! If so what do you think of it?
I've been considering it after reviewing but I really want a constructive opinion!

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Feb 4, 2012
Norton 360.

I used Norton in the past then stopped using it because it became a resource hog. Switched to AVG used it for a few years and then it also became a resource hog. Did some research and upon the suggestion of a friend I reluctantly went back to Norton and have been using 360 on all my computers ever since. As long as it keeps the same level of control and does not become a resource hog again I will use it. Norton is the only antivirus company (TIKO) out there that has a dedicated compound for the creation and eradication of computer viruses.

EDIT: Free antivirus software has to be IMO one of the worst ideas anyone can think of doing for their PC. You spent so much money on your computer and in most cases your world is on that machine, your family photos and vacations, your tax, banking and credit card info, books, projects and a plethora of other important stuff that could have taken decades and is obviously important to you to keep. And you are going to trust it to a free antivirus software... you get what you pay for.