What do you play?


Mar 5, 2012
Used to play WoW. I had an Unholy DK at Balnazzar. I quit last year.

Tried SW:TOR and it was fun the first few levels but at about levels 25-30, it gets old. Reminded me too much of the grind in WoW.

These days, I am playing Eve Online. For FPS, I ususally play an Engineer in TF2. :)


Feb 8, 2012
When I played which has been a while now

1: 85 Rogue
2: 85 DK
3: was working on my warrior I think he was at 75
4: 79 Priest

Man I used to love that game but it sucked me right in and well 3 years of my life was fricken gone so i stay away now


May 14, 2012
I play a few characters:

Lvl 85 Retribution Paladin

Lvl 85 Blood Death Knight

Lvl 85 Destruction Warlock

Lvl 85 Marksman Hunter

Lvl 85 Combat Rogue

Lvl 85 Discpline Priest

All these characters are on the European Server called Executus.
Playing a lot of Tribes lately, it's just starting to get a little boring, but then again I only play pub CTF matches, so it's often hit or miss with the teams, if you can call some of them team at all... I want to get in with some sort of clan or team play. I've been looking into getting the Cyborg FREQ headset to replace the trash I have, (as you may know, see my threads) and I have a C3 lobby created for voice chat.
Anyone else, play? Wanna play?
Add Commy1 ;D
I think he means what toons on wow lol.
I had an account that got hacked and merged with a different one so I had to start over. Played since vanilla so I had a few established characters. Just picked it back up though. Put 17 hours in so far and level 45 goblin warrior.
It's definitely best when you hit the level cap. Boring before then. Either you spend most of your time in dungeons leveling a little more slowly but with people so its not too boring or you do the solo grind all the way up and it's quick but boring the whole way.


Jul 13, 2012
I have ALL the characters and hoping for extra game slots when the new expansion arrives. My favourite alts to play are resto shammy, resto druid and fire mage. I'm trying to get warlock into play more though as she's my enchanter & i'm getting low on enchanting mats. I'm not reaching high enough dps on her though, even though she has decent gear & I've researched the spell rotation....
I've been playing for nearly 2 years now and its hard to keep it fresh - I love quest levelling but all my alts are already lvl 85. My realm Kilrogg has a guild called 'Midlife Crisis' which I belong to, you have to be over 30yrs old to join, lol! Oldies together! xD