What do you think about alienware m18x laptop?


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Aug 21, 2014
Ok so I asked a similar question a couple of hours ago and after some research, I finally landed on the Alienware m18x. Before I buy it, of course, I have a couple of questions. One is, can it successfully replace a casual gamer desktop machine (or in other words can it run most games smoothly on higher settings)? And the other is, do you think that there is a better notebook or maybe a little weaker one that would be cheaper with similar specs, or is Alienware, truly alien and cannot be replaced or beaten?
well, if you want maximum performance, go with the MSI GT80 because you will get two gtx 980 in SLI, but if you care abut quality and performance, go with the newer alienware 18 because it has 2 gtx 880s and has better build quality and better sound, but the m18x is outdated with the horse power. also, is price a concern to you? and its big enough as a desktop replacement in my own opinion.
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