What makes Alienware so great?

Design is great. They push the design to be something out of the norm and catch the eye. Its not "blah" like Clevo, Gateway, Lenovo or Acer. And its not a copy of Apple Macbook like HP, Samsung or the new Razor Blade. The only designers I think are comparable are the Asus team (their GW series are interesting and out of the norm as well).


Feb 18, 2012
It's like any other major brand the styling mostly. Alienware also comes with good specs so when you buy one you're not saddled up with a crappy laptop that can't run games.

But most of all, it has a frigging lit up keyboard how awesome is that?
Putting the Dell factor aside, I think Alienware is a statement about your intentions with your machine. People see a Mac and think "Oh they have a mac, they probably spent a lot of money on that, they're probably only using it for study/office work". I see another Alienware and I think "Oh shit an Alienware! That's awesome I'm gonna go see if they'll have a chat about it, see how theirs stacks up to mine"

I don't see a Mac and think "I wonder what kind of parts are in that or what games do you play.
Alienware laptop aren't the thinnest but I know that my laptop is probably better than Mr. Mac/Compaq/HP/Toshiba/Etc and I have the style to go with it.
Alienware, the best thing is that ALL its hardware are in full compatibility, i mean... Some laptops have their hardware running at 80%~90%, because some accessories are not fully compatible with others they have.

But the only thing that makes Alienware a top ranked gaming laptop, its the STYLE. If you watch ROG laptops, they just look the same as ASUS normal laptops.