What the F?#k Dell.........

Has anyone been through what I am going through when ordering their Alienware? If you did, how did it play out?

So I checked up on the Dell.ca website like I always do daily to see the progress of my order, anyhow my order that I placed about three weeks ago (the 11th of this month) went from "in-production" to canceled!!!! WTF....... Then I see this totally different order number next to it with an additional week longer delivery date that says "Order processing"

The new order number link doesn't even work so I have no way of knowing if the order is the same as my last and I'm stuck clueless on what the **** happened till Monday when a Dell rep. will be available.

To make matters worse this new delivery date my family and I will be out of town for two weeks.

So it sounds like they screwed up your first order and they went ahead and reordered the same thing, meaning they had to get a new order number. You did order one of the new laptops, they are obviously having some issues getting product out the door in the proper state.
I'd give them a call, and make them confirm what they've done with your laptop, that way if it arrives in a substandard state you can cram it up their ass later. They shouldn't be toying around with anything that costs that amount of money.


Jun 22, 2013
san diego
I like Alienware but I don't like ordering from their site...I always call XoticPc or HIDevolution if they have them instock before I order...More customizations too...Till now Dell still don't offer Blu-ray burners for some reason...
So I called and Dell today and the representative said that they had to cancel and reorder my laptop because of a SKU error in their system. She gave me the whole "we will expedite your order resolution". Guess it's just sitting tight and waiting to see if it arrives before I leave on vacation.
Guess what! My order was canceled yet AGAIN! I guess I shouldn't be surprised..... So the reorder the last time this happened was on the 28th of last month with a EDD of the 30th of this month..... well guess that ain't happening now. I now see a reorder for the same thing for the THIRD TIME with an order date of the 15th of this month and a EDD of the 8th of next month...... I'm going to insist to speak to a manger to find out what the hell is going on! I'm starting to wonder if I ever am going to receive my damn computer...... I've been going through this B.S. since the 11th of last month......

Any suggestions for the manger when I decide to call tomorrow? What's funny is Dell customer service called me on last Monday to apologize about the last cancellation.
It arrived! Everything seems to be working fine. I still haven't figured out how to activate the SLI yet. Then again I'm waiting for FFXIV A Realm Reborn to be released to see its potential. Apparently SLI & crossfire will be supported shortly after release. I download the Nvidia game experience. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1374894916.654440.jpgImageUploadedByTapatalk1374894939.745063.jpgImageUploadedByTapatalk1374894951.201724.jpgImageUploadedByTapatalk1374894964.310425.jpg


Dec 26, 2012
Looks like a lovely laptop although I do like the front vents on the R4 it makes it look really cool. But apart from that it looks excellent and I bet it performs excellent to. I might have to shuffle a few bills and get one ordered mind you dell customer service is a joke I might have to go xoticpc see if customer services are better :)