Whats going on with Alienware and no new 3D displays in ages??

Why is Alienware letting Asus eat their lunch?

Alienware has this nicely styled 24" 3D monitor from years ago, that doesn't even support 3D Vision 2.

Far from wanting to be an Nvidia booster, Nvidia's 3D Vision 2 is a pretty great piece of technology, turning me from a scoff-3D into a 3D fan...

And what, the ONLY monitors you can buy for that are one crummy Benq 24" monitor and 2 Asus 27" monitors that are not entirely free of faults either, but do awesome for 3D.

Asus' 120 Hz VG 278H comes with Nvidia's new 3D glasses and a built in IR emitter.

Asus' 144 Hz VG 278HE comes without the glasses, and Asus reps haven't said clearly if you can take advantage of the 144 Hz (72 Hz for 3D Stereoscopic), or, if like some people claim, you're stuck at 120 Hz (60 Hz in 3D Stereoscopic) even on the 144 Hz Monitor.

I doubt anyone could tell the difference between 120 and 144 Hz, but the difference from 60 to 72 Hz in 3D could make a significant difference in reducing the still perceptible shutterglass flicker.

Soooo, where's my Alienware 29" 3D Vision 2 Monitor?? Is Dell slowly choking Alienware to death with their newfound "Business focus"?