What's the best/right thing to do


Sep 20, 2012
I'm going for an M17 R4....they/re both a few hundred miles from me in opposite directions, (one's 250 miles, the other's 350) both the same price....one's got the GTX675M, the other 7970M (same as my last M17 had in it)....do I go the extra 100 miles for the one with the 7970M or just stick with the GTX....thing is, I was looking for the 7090M card and so far there's only one on ebay and nearly £400!!. So that would make the one the nearest me dam near £1400 in total by the time I put a 7079M in it.....what would you do?
ati has better benchmarks on paper.
if all you are worried about is stats, go the ati.

if you simply want to play the game (yes nvidia will also play on the highest settings) and not worry too much about stats, and want useability, with minimal issues, i would stick with nvidia.

nvidia also does 3d, where ati does eyefinity.