What's the Best Way to use the X51 to convert VHS and Hi8 Analogue footage to Digital

Took delivery of my X51 in February to replace my Dell Dimension 8300 which had just celebrated its 9th birthday.

I've got a stack of Hi8 camcorder tapes and an even bigger stack of VHS VCR tapes which I would like to convert to Digital format. I've had the intention for years of grappling with this task but somehow "clouds got in my way...." Anyhow. Now I'm retired I don't have a ready-made excuse for further procrastination!

Some years ago, to enable me to undertake the necessary "analogue to digital" conversion, I bought a KWorld "TV Tuner Expert" which included a "PCI Card" which I fitted to one of 4 spare slots inside my Dell. I was then able to run Hi8 or VHS footage through the card (using, of course, my Hi8 camcorder and VCR which I had retained for the conversion process) and view it on my pc's monitor, convert it to MPEG 2 or 1 and save the results to the hard drive.

My question is this. Will the X51 be able to "take" this "PCI TV Card?" Or is there a better way for me to achieve the results I want?