What's your favourite thing about your m14X?

I ordered mine on February 16th and it arrived on February 23rd. Extremely fast shipping, way better than expected. I did some research about Alienware and I read a whole ton of reviews about how bad they are and why not to buy them.

So far I've only had some software issues, nothing my intermediate tech skills couldn't work around and fix. I like the keyboard, SO much better than the little island chiclet thing I had on my only Gateway. The whole design really is my favourite. It feel so solid, it feels like they put thought isn't engineering this laptop. The cooling vents, name plate all is very detailed. I love it =)
This is like a trick question..I think it should be labeled "what DON'T you like about your M14X" :)

Seriously, this thing is chock full of things I absolutely love, hard to narrow it down to one thing..but I guess if I HAD to pick I'd say the screen. Love the screen, and love the ability
to wirelessly transmit everything over to my 60" HDTV as well. Kudos to Alienware on this little beast!