Where is the HDD LED activity light?

Hi, I have a Conspiracy blue Alienware Area 51-R6 from 2006. I was curious if this computer had a hard drive activity light, as I have seen the connector connected to the motherboard, but I can’t seem to find the LED anywhere on the case. can someone please help”6252D74D-38BD-4BC8-8EA2-80333742CFDF.jpeg


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I replied so fast, could not tell if you had a PC built in the case! Normally, the alien head on the front and sides light up. You should get light on all of the eyes, and surrounding the skulls! Your case should have a mini daughter-board, which you can use to change the color of the LED>
Currently I do not have it built. My motherboard died, so I’m waiting for my new parts to come in. I never noticed the alien head blinking whatsoever when the motherboard was working, so that’s why I was curious.


Dec 16, 2016
The front alien head power-button blinks brightly when there's hard drive activity on my machine; in addition to remaining illuminated, the same as the side panel alien heads, when powered <ON>. Side panel alien heads do not blink. The machine is a stock Predator 2 model (except the video card).
Area 51 Predator 2 machine.jpg