Why the hate for Alienware?

So I ordered my first Alienware Desktop (1st gaming PC for that matter) last week, a nicely specc'd out i7 with a geforce 780. Everywhere I look online, people are up in arms because God forbid, you didn't build it yourself while saving thousands in the process. When I looked at building, I realized there was a cost savings yes, but it was at best a couple hundred bucks and with the 12 mth financing, I'm golden. Plus I get the warranty and don't have to mess with building it myself. Can't wait till it arrives next week.

Previous to this, I was all console, in fact I have an XBone and PS4, but have been underwhelmed with both and decided to jump into PC gaming, but I was kind of curious-Why all the hate from the builders? I mean, yay for you because you decided to build, but to rip on someone because they didn't, or to call them "Not a true gamer" seems somewhat stupid to me. Are these the same people going around with the "I game on PC, everything else is beneath me" crew?

I'm excited to game on PC and have been going through this site and learning daily, but damn seems there are a bunch of haters out there....


May 4, 2012
Most people who put down alienware have never actually owned one, or they owned one of the very old systems.

They have a idea that dell makes crap for computers. But in the end alot of us buy alienware for the warranty and for the fact that we get a good looking, premade machine that can game right out of the box.

I can build computers no problem, but I buy alienware since I have a daughter that takes up most of my free time. So having onsite warranty next day is a huge plus for me.