Windows 7 Disc Home Premium


Dec 26, 2012
You could Phone alienware/dell but they will charge and I positive you need an alienware disc or it won't install properly as I have read on here and other sites that a normal windows 7 disc just won't work. I,m sure this will be confirmed by others on this site. If I had home premium myself I would of created a bootable USB with it on and send you it as, flash drives are pennies know but I have windows 7 professional. So unless I have misread which I don't think I have you will have to contact Alienware or find someone with same op system that is willing to do what I mentioned. Or you could use alienrespawn and take it back to factory settings. That's all I can suggest without knowing more of why you need the disc, sorry but their is sum options for you to think about though


Oct 26, 2012
Toronto ON CA
You can use a different copy of windows 7, I did it on my m17xr3 and had no issues except for manually installing the intel matrix storage drivers before installing windows 7 on my SSD's (RAID 0). If you dont have a product key, use a windows loader (Daz) or buy one from somewhere :cool:

EDIT: I used a bootable USB to install windows 7