Windows 7 not detecting keyboard/touchpad


Apr 11, 2013
Ongoing issue, for about 2 weeks now. I've lost use of my keyboard and touchpad and have jumped through hoops to try to repair the issue. I've tried a clean install of Windows with no luck. I've downloaded the latest Synaptics drivers, long story short, I've tried everything I can think of. I get an error when I run the AlienTouch program, but, keystrokes using the function button still work. I can eject disks, turn up brightness, etc. Device manager just shows that I have a standard ps/2 keyboard and mouse installed, but nothing for the onboard HIDs. I tried forcing the use of the Synaptics driver for the mouse device, and lost use of my wireless mouse. ANY suggestions will be an incredible help. I'm under warranty and can call Dell, but not until next Wednesday, when they are open and I'm at work. If I could solve the issue before then it would be awesome. Thanks guys.