windows 7 recovery dvd

No the tool to used on iso to make a recovery disc can be used on any windows. But yes i could burn the iso image on a dvd using the tool to reformat my x51 r1 back to original image sorry this link

I will just burn iso image with a disc burning program onto on a dvd disc and reformat my x51 r1 back to original and i do have my original serial number on the case so once i get a recovery window 7 image (iso) for the alienware x51 r1 I will be set. Thanks again.
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Oh ok, No!! But thanks anyway. This is not what I'm looking for. Looking for the alienware version for x51 r1 with the original partitions so that all will work as original including the alienrespawn as I overwrote the partitions alienspawn uses. Thanks anyway. Was looking for the original recovery disc iso that came with unit when purchased new. Anyway guess I'll be calling Dell. Again, thanks anyway.


Sep 20, 2014
New York
:) this is just a Windows 7 disc dude no configuration there except Custom Alienware Logos and Wallpapers , don't believe everything you see on YouTube, You are searching for something that does not exist :) Again, Alienware Factory Re installation DVD has ONLY Windows OS in it , nothing else, not even the drivers.