windows 8 acpi bios error


Nov 14, 2012
I have windows 7 pro.
reboot the pc with the cd, windows 8 logo appears with black background and soon blue screen in small acpi_bios_error without code.
thank you very much for answering so quickly led him giving many twists and forgive my English


Oct 26, 2012
Toronto ON CA
After Googling a few keywords, Im almost sure theres going to be no easy fix for this error.
You might need a Modified Bios to install Windows 8 on your system, which could be made but it could take along time.

Many people seem to be angry over this issue..

This guy with an AW Area 51 M15x is having the same type of error upgrading..

I just posted this today...

it doesnt look good....

WORKAROUND (for now) Use Virtual Machines to run Windows 8


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Mar 22, 2013
I would just like to let you guys know, that i was able to get windows 8 installed on my m15x about a week after windows 8 came out. If there still is no solution available, i can perhaps give you any hardware specs that i have on my M15x if that helps
Whoaaa!!!! That's interesting. How about drivers, do you have everything working? GPU, Command Center etc?

The only driver I can confirm works is the latest Nvidia 327.23 notebook driver release.
If I recall correctly, I used to always get bluescreens if I used any Nvidia driver on windows 7 other than the Alienware driver (which was released for Vista I think it was)
Anyways, the latest Nvidia notebook driver from their website released for windows 7/8 works just fine.

Just a note, when I say the latest windows 8.1 release, I am referring to the RTM version. In addition, any choosing to install prior to the official MS public release date, be careful, I have found that some AV vendors like Kaspersky and Bitdefender have not updated their releases to support Win8.1 yet, and have no plans to do so until the official launch date.. So Just FYI.

I'll give some of the other drivers a try a bit later, to be honest, was so surprised it installed without incident that I'm a bit apprehensive to tempt fate, but alas, so far no issues with the Win8.1 install, and GPU drivers from the Nvidia site.
ok, please keep us updated about how thing are going. What GPU do you have? I'm very surprised that latest nVidia drivers are working with hybrid GPU motherboards. As far as I know the latest working drivers under Win7 were 186.91, anything above that ended with error code 43.

But, if this is true I can conclude that MS have done some important changes in kernel with acpi. We might actually have a chance of running full Win 8.1 on original and last authentique Alienware laptop. I'm happy. :)
I will update this thread since I also installed win8.1 PRO.

Everything is working out of the box like a charm, except of course property drivers like Alienware FX, for which you need to install Command Center.

Nevertheless there are few bugs and incompatibilities:
1) Intel® Wireless WiFi 4965AGN will stop working with error code 10. Intel acknowledges this issue and card is classed as incompatible with Win8. Still there is a workaround, you have to disable n mode, it will work, but will crash with blue screens from time to time. Good news is that card is dirt cheap and is easily replaceable. I would suggest latest Atheros chips 928x instead of Intel's.
2) Winbond CIR device got some error code, same thing, no compatible drivers.
3) I can't switch between GPUs, OSD manager crushes each time I do, but I also think that my GTX 260M is faulty, so can someone check this for me?

Thats all for now

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