Windows 8 Mice

I guess the lesson here is that everyone is different. Most mice seem light and flimsy to me. I haven't used the Mamba but being able to load the R.A.T up with weights was a big plus for me

I enjoyed the Cyborg RAT when I got it, for at least 6 months I had nothing but good things to say about it, but after that it started to get old and the sensors in it got screwy and yeah...
The Mamba is very nearly perfection, a great size and because of the battery a very nice weight. My only qualm with the mamba is battery life, I haven't wrapped my head around how long it lasts.
How much would you get out of it? Another plus for my RAT 9 is that it comes with a second battery so you can change them on the fly if you see the battery indicator flashing.
About 6-7 hours continuous, time flies so it doesn't feel anything like it and I end up having to plug in.
The RAT 9 has the perfect solution I totally agree, there are points here and there that the RAT series excel at.