Windows 8 on ARM

What do you guys if about the up coming Windows 8 tablets?

I personally think that the are going to definitely be worth looking into. Call me crazy but I love the easy of use I get from the office 365 apps on the Win 7 phone and Skydrive. Even without having a real reason to word process I use it all the time for to do list and other things. So having a similar function on a tablet is a huge selling point for me. My only concern is lack of third party app support. Right now the Win7 phone apps marketplace is not the best. They seem to get everything last. Hell right now I can't even play Words with Friends with my wife. :mad: So my biggest hope is that Microsoft can get app makers interested in turning out apps for their tablets like they already do for iOS.
I would love to have a good windows 8 tablet. Unlike my Ipad, I would be able to fiddle around with the settings, software, and maybe mod some things on it. Don't get me wrong, the Ipad is great, but nothing on it is truly my own. It just is a Tool for downloading apps, and I'm no app developer, so there is no freedom.
I hate tablets and phones and everything else in that category! Phones were designed to be used for calling people, not listening to music, having "Apps" and all that other knick knack! Something tells me phones will be the next-gen consoles! xO

Oh, they already are! Look into the apps "Shadow Gun" and "Modern Combat 3".... it's almost scary!

But I actually don't mind the idea of tablets running Windows 8. As long as it's a full operating system, then why worry? It makes a computer suuuuper portable and eficient for those of us who are on the go a lot (not me personally, but my Dad is that kind of person.)
OK, tablets are alright but, phones? Really? -__- I got a nokia, what I think is, C series xD All I use it for is to talk when ppl call me. I hate using it for anything else! Thats what its for right? Talking and not playing games?

Yeah, I'm a bit sceptical of phones as well.... I mean, I like the current Windows 7 phones (the OS is nice) but a full OS on a phone?!?! How's that going to work?
And gaming on mobile devices like phones, media players, tablets, has exploded over the last two years... And quality is getting better and better! As I said, look up "Shadow Gun" and "Modern Combat 3". Both mobile apps and both have almost console-quality graphics! (albeit older consoles, but still pretty good!)