Windows 8 or Winblows 8 ?


Feb 3, 2012
After reading Vista thread (i think I just threw in my mouth a little) :D I felt the need to start a Windows 8 or should I say Winblows 8?

Who is running the Beta? Does it really have those stupid looking box things for a desktop? Can you get rid of that and run like Win 7? They keep saying its going to work like a Phone or Tablet OS which I think is stupid.

Pleas enlighted me Beta testers!
I've been using the Windows 8 Developers Preview (I guess that's the Beta) and the Metro tiles are not the desktop; they replace the start menu. So when you click the little Windows logo on the lower left of the screen it takes you to the tiles screen, and I personally kind of like it! It's very smooth and cool to play around with! There is an option to turn it off, though, so if it bothers you it isn't mandatory.
But you can definitely tell that it was included with tablets in mind, which I have no problem with! I can't wait to see that OS on a tablet PC!
It may not be as good as Windows 7 is, but it definitely won't be a complete flunk like Windows Vista was.
I have never tried Windows 8 myself. If it is not as good as Win 7, why have they developed and released it? It doesn't seem to be a progress.

Sorry, let me re-say that:
"It may not be BETTER than Windows 7, but it definitely won't be a complete flunk like Windows Vista was."
I personally would have no issues running with Windows 8, it is pretty easy to get used to and some of the features are quite nice!


Feb 4, 2012
OK, to clear this up, microsoft said, that, you will be able to switch back to the classic windows start menu on PC. All in all, you get xbox games compatibility, face recognition software which detects if your face moves away from the screen (it pauses the game), mostly everything win 7 has and some more goodies :D

If what you stated right there means that you will be able to play XboX console games on your PC then that right there is worth the price of W8. Bonus if you get to play against console gamers on PC in those same games.
For the Xbox 260 gaming on PC, will you play with other pc gamers or xbox gamers? and will you have to have gold?

It's all rumours at the moment but I'm going to guess that when playing an Xbox game, you'd play on Xbox Live with other Xbox players, and thus you'd probably have to pay for gold.... they may also require you to use an Xbox controller. But very little has been said on this subject, so we'll just have to wait and see.