windows 8


Dec 26, 2012
well I must say I have to eat my words about windows 8. I smashed my google nexus 7 on Halloween and just got my insurance threw the other day and I was going to get the new nexus 7 but I saw a hp touchsmart 11.6" and so far using windows 8 either with the keyboard or the touch screen is great. Mind you I always said it was meant for touchscreen. But once you know the shortcuts and all that its not a bad operating system. I think I will still stick to windows 7 on my Alienware for know maybe if I get a new one I might consider it. But i'm pleased with my purchase it maybe a little week on the processor but I cant expect a blazing fast i7 processor for the price. Its definitely a good little netbook/laptop for £300 and its helped me get over my windows 8 phobia :D
I've been using Win 8 for about 9 months on a daily basis at home and work now and I really like it. I didn't bemoan the missing start menu but rather just got on with it and quickly appreciated it for the new ideas it brings to the table. I think a lot of people under-estimate it to be honest and it saddens me a bit. I recently started a new job and now have to use Win 7 there as it's the company standard and I tell you, I miss some of the little touches (no pun intended :) ) that Win 8 has. Like only being to have the taskbar on one screen rather than spread across multiple monitors. When you have 3 monitors on your desk then that's a lot of mouse moving and it became an issue within 30 minutes! :( And the desktop experience in 8 is identical to 7 and that is coming from me as a professional software developer. Embrace the change people and learn to enjoy it. Windows 8 is actually a fine operating system when you give it a proper chance :)