WINDOWS UPDATES - Are they necessary?


Apr 20, 2013
Hey guys. Just received my Alienware M17x customized.
I made a thread earlier about horror stories. Thank God I had now issues. The space bar was a bit loose but I looked up youtube popped it open and set it back. Now it's all good. I'm glad I bought this machine. It runs Battlefield 3 on Ultra settings without breaking a sweat!

So here's the thing. Before this I've been using mac. I must say the mac was obviously more stable than windows (not hating).

Windows update popped up. I accepted and that's when everything went to hell. The laptop wouldn't boot. Finally I ended up restoring. Now here's what I'm asking. I'm going to be gaming on this laptop mostly. Do I need the windows updates? or will they just keep getting in the way like this?


Feb 21, 2013
I would say they are needed , to keep your browsers and stuff running good , most of the time the updates are fine , but you will fine some times updates will cause issues , but hey , that windows for you lol , most can be fixed after some googling or at worst a call to support :)