Wireless drivers not installing x51


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Oct 13, 2013
hey guys

i just reinstalled my operating system and followed the driver order for the x51 on the dell website
everything worked well except when i tried install the wireless driver ( from the x51 resource dvd )
i extract as you would normally do and nothing happened

so i tried the ones that are on the dell x51 driver page and all of them came up with an error
and for the life me i have no idea what has happened i followed the instructions to letter and yeah ...

i hope some can help me out or at least shed some light on the topic

btw my system specs are

Windows 8 pro 64 bit
16 gb of ram
NVidia gtx 670

thanks in advance


Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
Some drivers make you manually go into the folder where they were extracted to and you have to install them from there. May not be the issue but hit the start button and type c:\dell\drivers and try to find the extracted folder for that driver in there. You'll have to know what Dell call it or the rough time it was extracted to get the right one. If you find it go into its folder and find an application called Setup.
Could help hopefully