World of Warcraft

I was kind of surprised to not see a thread posted yet so I'll start it. I'm expecting my m17x today and this will probably be the only thing on my laptop for awhile!

I've looked up reviews of Alienwares with lesser specs running WoW at max graphics and getting anywhere from 60-90 FPS in heavy lag areas so I'm super excited to try this out. If anyone has a recommendation on a good video recording program I'd be more than happy to post a video of how it actually runs when it gets here =D


Feb 26, 2012
it shouldnt have any issue with wow at all my aurora with the stock card was handling it like arnold lifted that caddilac. really wow isnt that gpu heavy although the new water effects and dungeon runs might get a lil heavy. other then that i think you shouldnt have a problem


Jul 13, 2012
Sooo who's getting excited about Mists of Pandora expansion! Just over 4 weeks to wait now - already pre-purchased the digital download from Battlenet, its cheaper from amazon, but can I wait for postage?? Hell no! I want it 1 minute after midnight like they promise! Working hard on achievement scores, cos when expansion goes live I'll be all into my levelling on all 10 alts :p

Yes, I'm a world of warcraft addict, and proud of it! Kilrogg realm, Midlife Crisis Guild (yeah we're all oldies in that guild, only over 30yrs allowed :p)

Its great fun, been playing for 3 years now, got to know peeps in Guild really well, doing raids & dungeons together etc, its fab!
I quit WOW after a 6 year stint and left a fantastic guild FURY on Nagrand. Epic guild and love you all and miss the friday night drunken raid sessions.GOOD TIMES. I had to leave as after 6 years I needed a break and Kung Fu Panda did nothing for me and I needed a break from MMOing. With my new PC i rekon i Guild wars 2 will be getting my attention however.
I stopped playing after Lich King(which was my favorite expansion). After that it was downhill, especially when the kiddie expansion was released. Poor WoW...once it reined supreme,'s just a game full of little kids. I used to play and invest alot of time and money, but now, I'm into other PC Games.